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Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry is the organized body of women in the church whose purpose is to:

- meet together to study the word of God and for special intercessory prayers.
- attend to special needs and interests of women in the church.
- encourage women to witness and win other women to the Lord.
- educate each woman on how to be a blessing to her home and to care for all the people in her household.
- Devote time to help with the needs of the church and the neighborhood and visit the sick.

The women's Ministry cooperate with sectional, district and national programmes. Meetings are held, on average, twice a month. Leaders meet at least once in a month to pray and plan for the group.



Executive Officers


President - Ama Owusu

Vice President - Adwovi Marcelline

Secretary - Joyce Antwi

Treasurer - Joyce Gyamfuah


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