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Christian Education

Christian Education Class, or Sunday School, is one of the bible study activities in the church. It takes place in the

church every Sunday morning between the 10am to 11am. During this period, the church is

divided into four groups comprising of: the youth class, English class, Twi class- (local Ghanaian

language), and Ewe class- (local language spoken by brethren from parts of Ghana and Togo).


The Sunday school superintendent is brother Kwasi Twumasi, who also leads the English class.

The other teachers are: Deacon Patrick Kyei who teaches the Twi class, Mrs. Rebecca Kyei who

teaches the youth class, and Pastor Valentin Agbeko who teaches the Ewe class.


Sunday school is not a period of preaching, but it is a time of healthy bible discussion where

participants are encouraged to actively stay engaged, ask questions and also provide responses to

questions asked by the Sunday school teacher/other participants of the group.


The Sunday school books and curriculum are published by the Pentecostal council of USA

consisting of churches like: Assemblies of God, Church of God, etc. The books are published on

quarterly basis.


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